David - Flawed Human; Holy God

Did you know that more stories are written about David than any other biblical character?  

David was a complex person. On the one hand, he was a man after God's heart. He was a passionate worshipper of God; he wrote half the book of Psalms and was instrumental in building a temple for God so the Israelites would have a place to gather and worship Yahweh. On the other hand, he was an adulterer, a murderer, and a parent who neglected his children and, at times, let his emotions run wild. 

Why do you think so much of his story is told within the pages of Scripture? Why did God maintain such a long relationship with David? We meet him as a young boy and read stories about him until he is an old man on his deathbed. His highs are high, and his lows are low. In his best moments, Davide modelled a true worshipper. In his worst moments, he was toxic, someone deserving of God's judgment. Yet, the constant in his life is God.