Matthew 6:19-33 & Mark 10:17-31

Why does Jesus talk about money so much??


Did you know Jesus talked about money more than any other subject? Why do you think that is? 

A lot of what Jesus says about money is hard to accept. This weekend, read Matthew 6:19-33 and Mark 10:17-31 and just sit with it, letting Jesus' words wash over you. If when you read those passages, you are bothered, talk to God about it. If, like the disciples, you can say, "Lord, I have done all that," then talk to Him about it. 

Jesus talks about money so much because of our relationship with it. We tend to think about and treat money the way we should think about and treat God. 

We want more money; having it makes us feel safe and secure. If we had more of it, we could help our loved ones, our families, and our friends. We spend inordinate amounts of time trying to get more of it. 

What if we longed for God like we long for money? What if we were convinced we could help our friends, families and loved ones if we knew God's will in how to do so? What if our relationship with God was all the security and safety we needed? What if we wanted more of God? 

Often, when we think of simplicity, we think about exteriors. Notice that when Jesus addresses the topic of money, He challenges His followers to be singularly focused. According to Jesus, our singular focus should be on the kingdom of God rather than the kingdom of this world. What would it look like in your life if you were singularly focused on the kingdom of God?