John 20:24-29

Unfortunately, the first portion of this sermon wasn't recorded. Sorry for the inconvenience!

This passage of Scripture is often called "Doubting Thomas" I believe this passage could also be renamed "Believing Thomas." I'm deeply stirred by this passage, and I'm looking forward to taking a close look at Thomas' story.   

Some questions that I've pondered and that you might ponder include the following:   What kind of person was Thomas? Is he mentioned anywhere else in Scripture? If so, in what contexts? What kind of response does Jesus have to Thomas' unbelief? What about ours? Is doubt in our lives like a plague?  Something that we try to extinguish quickly? Does Thomas have instructions for us with his story of coming to believe? Are you the blessed person who believes without seeing?  

No doubt (pun intended) that the close reading of Thomas' story is one that ought to convict and encourage our hearts deeply. Looking forward to seeing you there!