John 18:28-19:16

Pilate's famous question to Jesus in John's gospel: "What is truth?" is the question that has been asked by theologians, philosophers, and thinkers for millennia. 

Jesus' conversation with Pilate is filled with irony, do you see it? The most obvious irony is Pilate's question. Pilate is asking the one who claims to be the truth about what truth is. What do you make of that? Have you ever been like Pilate? Have you wondered about truth while it (He) was staring you in the face? 

Awareness is something that really sticks out to me in this passage. Jesus is unshaken, confident, and bold while talking to this powerful man who could release him. Pilate is taken aback by Jesus' answers. In 19:11 Jesus tells Pilate that the only authority he has, has been given to him from above. Pilate is shaken by this. It seems Pilate is aware of a greater power than Rome, a power greater than any human power he has seen. Jesus knew Pilate had no real control or power over Him. Do we have that confidence when we face worldly powers, or are we intimidated? 

Lastly, spend time thinking about Jesus puzzling words in the second half of 19:12: "He who delivered me over to you has the greater sin." What do you think Jesus meant by this?