John 18:19-24

In John 18:19-24 Jesus is questioned by the High Priest. It is a very short conversation, but Jesus makes a statement that is very sobering, He says:

"Why do you ask me? Ask those who have heard me what I said to them; they know what I said." 

Read this in context. What do you think this means? 

Let me probe you a little. Jesus was pointing out that the way the High Priest was going about questioning Him was wrong. The High Priest should have been asking witnesses of Jesus about what they heard and saw. Of course Jesus was right to point out the fact that the High Priest was not following proper protocol. Jesus got a slap on the head for pointing this out. 

But, something deeper is going on here. Jesus had full confidence that He had successfully passed on His message and His mission to His followers. Jesus knew His time had come, that He was no longer needed here because His followers were ready to carry on His mission. 

Here is what I want you to think/ponder/pray about this weekend. Are you a follower of Jesus? Have you internalized His message and His mission? When He looks at you does He say, "__________(put your name here) knows what I have said?"