I'm not in a Life Group, what do I do?

You will notice Life Groups are not mentioned in the weekly schedule, rather it says "Discuss”. The reason for this is we realize that not everyone is involved in a Life Group. Ideally, we would love for everyone to be involved in a Life Group, but due to scheduling and other challenges, we realize this is not possible. However, we want to encourage everyone to intentionally plan to meet with someone to talk about what you are reading in the Scriptures. This might be your spouse or a friend from church who you meet with over coffee or lunch.

If the sermons on the chapters, what about holidays like Easter, etc.?

There will be special exceptions in the case of special holidays, special speakers or when pertinent matters need to be addressed.

I don't have a Bible and/or a journal

Please speak to one of the leaders of the church and we will make sure you have a Bible to study from.

You can also download a Bible app like You Version.

How come there are only 5 chapters per week instead of 7?

We wanted to make reading through the New Testament achievable for as many people as possible. That is why we are spreading it out over a whole year. Don’t be discouraged if you miss a few days, or if some of your journaling is brief. Just focus on developing a habit of reading, and prayerfully applying the Scriptures on a regular and ongoing basis!