Transformation Church believes that nothing is possible without prayer.  Every accomplishment here has been brought about by God and has come from pleading to Him in prayer.  As we pray, we are drawn closer to God and we learn more and more how to approach Him in prayer. 

Come join us in praying for each other, for the community our church is in, for our individual needs, for the needs of the church, for the city, the country and the world. 

Join the Prayer Team
Please email for info on how to join a Prayer Team.

The Prayer Teams meeting on the following days:

Sunday 9:30- 10:30 AM - Pre Church Service with a focus on churches across Thunder Bay, city needs, and Transformation Church health.

Tuesday 7 - 8:30 PM - General prayer and worship with a focus on personal transformation and Thunder Bay needs.

Submit your Prayer Requests

If you need prayer, please let us know, and we will pray for you.

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