At Transformation Church we value: prayer, worship, community, discipleship, and evangelism.  

We define these as follows…  


Prayer is

Communication with God. We have experienced that prayer works. Scripture tells us that God hears and responds to our prayers. Whether it is a yes or no or a later, he is listening. As we spend time in prayer our relationship with God grows stronger. God listens to us speak; but we also need to listen to Him as He speaks to us. There are many ways in which God speaks. One of the main ways he speaks to us is through the Bible, His word to us. But, he also speaks through dreams, other people, promptings, signs, and even through times of personal difficulty. If we learn to listen, we will hear him.

Worship is

Giving worth to God. We can worship by singing songs which are directed at God, but worship is much more than singing nice songs. It is giving our lives to Him. It is reading the Bible and putting into practice what we learn, volunteering to help others, sharing Jesus with those who don’t know Him, doing our jobs with excellence, and loving all those around us. We worship God when we live every moment of our lives with the intention of honoring and pleasing him. He is the only one who is worthy of this kind of devotion.  

Community is

Living life together. Community is caring for one another, loving each other as Jesus loves us. Community is teaching one another, being available to each other in hard times, celebrating good times together, and always including others. Community draws us closer to God and unites a church in strength. Loving God means loving each other.  

Discipleship is

Teaching each other. It is mentoring, sharing, loving. Before Jesus ascended to heaven he told his followers to go and make disciples of all nations. Becoming a disciple of Jesus Christ means so much more than simply believing in Him, it is the act of learning to live for him and being obedient to him in every moment of life. This happens by doing life with other passionate Jesus followers. Discipleship is rooted in community and living life together.  

Evangelism is

Sharing Jesus’ love and good news to anyone and everyone around us. We believe we have the best news the world has ever heard. Here is the news: Jesus loves every person on this earth and has willingly died in our place so that we can be forgiven and joined in a relationship with Him. Jesus rose again from the dead defeating sin and evil, which means we no longer need to fear death because he has promised us eternal life. Because we truly believe and know this, it is our desire to share this incredible truth to anyone who will listen.        


Now these are our values, how we express these values are through 3 words: Connect, Direct, Affect.  



At Transformation Church we want to connect everyone together in community. We believe true life change is quickened when it is lived with others.  


After we connect, we then want to direct you to Jesus through prayer, worship and discipleship. This church is about leading people to a life-changing relationship with Jesus.  


Once we are developing a strong relationship with Jesus and with others, we want to affect everyone around us by joining Jesus on mission in Thunder Bay and beyond. We want to share His love and truth to those who are in need. We want to connect new people to our community and start the cycle over with them. It is our desire to see people experience life-change and transformation and to then be a part of helping others experience the same thing.